3D Product Models for eCommerce

The future of eCommerce are 3D models

Ecommerce 3D models can take your business to a different level. With society constantly developing and moving forward, it is important to improve your sales strategy. With 3D modeling, you can easily attract and convince customers even in today’s digital world. Keep reading, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about using 3D modeling for eCommerce.

Why do you need 3D models for eCommerce?

Makes your online shop engaging and interactive

What customers want is to feel like they are in control of their life and the products they buy. The more you show them that they can actually see what the item looks like, the more in charge they’ll feel. Thanks to 3D modeling customers, they can get everything they ever wanted without any risk. In order to do that, you only need eCommerce 3D models for customers to observe and try just like in real life. This raises engagement and makes online shopping even more fun. Your website will be a place they’ll never want to leave.

Visuals drive sales

Hacking the brain is very simple. You only need to focus on vision because almost 90% of information addressed to the brain is visual. That’s why you should pay extra attention to how your website looks like. In addition, many studies show that using high-quality images and 3D products produces 180% more engagement and 80% more desire. Everything you need for a successful business is hidden in eCommerce 3D models.

Higher ranking in Google search

Your main goal in business should be to spread your products to as many people as possible. A great tool for that is learning how the Google search works. If you can get on the first page of results, you are halfway to success. There are different techniques for achieving that, but eCommerce 3D models are the easiest and cheapest choice. Google actually focuses on augmented reality and makes sure it ranks in the highest places.

Presents your products in the highest quality and detail

When online shopping, customers usually look for the highest quality product, but the photos on websites can’t show it to them. If they don’t find it there, they move to another online shop, and you lose customers. However, eCommerce 3D models allow them to find the right angle and even zoom in while maintaining good quality. They also show the material and full potential of the product. So after the hard work on your product, every customer can experience its quality just like in real life.

Get excited about the future

There is one thing that makes 3D models for e-commerce different from normal images. With these models, you can present a product that hasn’t even come out yet because 3D modeling doesn§t require photos of the physical product. So you and your customers can get excited for the future. But even when the product does exist, the process of taking the pictures is a lengthy process. The lighting has to be perfect, the color scheme has to go with the website design, and many other details that you have to worry about. But with 3D models for eCommerce, you can do it much faster and less complicated.

What eCommerce platforms support 3D models?


Shopify is a platform for sellers of all levels and helps them grow and manage their business. It’s suitable for beginners, but also for people that want to bring their online shop to a higher level. Shopify knows that 3D models are the future and has built-in support for them. You can upload 3D models for eCommerce directly to your website without a third-party app or a custom code. And your customers can get a real experience of your product before they receive it. That is possible thanks to Shopify AR.


Shopify AR uses augmented reality to modify the real-life world with computer-generated elements, and it lets the customers have an immersed experience. They can place a product in their own environment and examine its quality from all angles. Shopify AR is available on most devices, including Android and iOS. To activate the Shopify AR feature you need a 3D model of your product in GLB file format. GLB is a 3D file format that includes textures, meshes, and materials while reflecting a stimulated light.


Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress that is completely free. It turns a basic website into an online shop and gives rise to your business. This platform also provides you with the opportunity of making your website more engaging, thanks to woocommerce 3d product configurator. Customers not only have a 360-degree view of the product but can also customize it to their taste. For example, the size, color, or material. Since it raises sales, more than 46% of retailers plan on incorporating woocommerce 3D products and augmented reality in their websites. And that is going to change the eCommerce world completely.

It's simple and affordable

A professional 3D artist can create a 3D model for eCommerce with just three photos taken from your phone. So you can save time and money on planning a high-quality product photoshoot.

3D modeling eCommerce prices vary, and they usually depend on your requirements. A very detailed and textured model takes more hours to be created. So the price will be higher than for a simple model. But according to all the researches, the cost of 3D product eCommerce is worth investing in, because they are the golden ticket to a successful online business. Whether you’re ready or not, 3D models are the future of eCommerce.

Ask for price


The price of the 3D model will be around $ 100, depending on the complexity of the product.


I need at least 3 images of your product, dimensions (length, width, height) and labeling, if any.


The result of my work is 3D model of your product in GLB / glTF / USDZ file format.

Delivery Time

Depends on the product complexity but usually around 2-3 days.


The final price depends on the complexity of the job. Payment for the service is divided into 2 parts – the first 50% at the beginning and the rest at the end. After order agreement, I’ll send you invoice via PayPal or Stripe.


I’m offering unlimited revisions and I’ll do my best to satisfy your requirements!