Low conversion rate? Without stunning photography, the chances of making a sale are greatly diminished

product rendering of vine bottle

"93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision."

Most importantly the quality of the visuals you’ll use to show how your products look is essential. Etsy, with a catalog of over 60 million items, found that the quality of images was the most important factor in an online sale for 90% of its users!

Images are not only important for retailer’s own e-commerce sites, they are just as important on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, potentially even more so given the amount of choice of other competitor products available on marketplaces.

Bring Product Pages to Life with 3D Models

In 2020, Shopify has announced native support for 3D models and AR. And already, using this new features have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages.

Now you can upload a 3D model directly to your product pages as easily as an image, without the need for custom code or a third-party app.

Models for 3D Configurators

I’m also creating 3D models for configurators like Angle 3DZakeke or any other custom app. Here is, for example, demo of the Angle 3D configurator – Leather Bag

Why choose Virtual Product Photography?

3 - days delivery

You don't need to send the products to the photographer and wait for a really loong time for your images. I'll do my best and send you the pics within three days!


The high-resolution photos on a business website, serves as proof that the product is good, both quality wise and appearance.

Great price

Traditional product photography is not cheap. Setting up the whole scene or product environments along with cameras, lenses, lighting can get very expensive. 3D rendering is a very cost-effective option.

Stand out from the competition with unique and high-quality product images!


$ 200 +
$ 200 +
$ 400 +
Modeling + Rendering

About Me and My Portfolio

Hi, I’m Mario Hoferica and I specialize in 3D Product Modeling, Rendering, Photo Manipulation, Architectural and Interior Visualizations. The result of my work is a virtual photography of the highest quality that can help you increase your sales by showing the best possible performance for your product and impressing future buyers.